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They’re here!!!

To all my loyal supporters of friends and family out here in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA & Canada, you can stop worrying for me, as my cartons of books have arrived today. As I was busy on the computer today with book launch planning, I was still a little hesitant that the books may not have arrived by the due date…and they’re here!!! Books

I can honestly say that excitement has taken over and I cannot wait to share this book with you all. It will shortly be stocked for sale at The BookShop, Caloundra and will also be available at my Book Launch and Stroke Foundation fundraiser on 29 November at the Caloundra Power Boat Club. Don’t forget there will also be a book signing at the BookShop on Sunday 13 December.


The book may take a few weeks before it is for sale on line and as many of my friends here in Australia and in the UK requested a signed copy as soon as it was released, if you cannot make it to any of the above events and wish to purchase a signed book, please email me at: shelagh@astrokeofpoetry.com and I will happily sign and post one out to you. Once your order has been received, I will send an order confirmation with bank details. Please remember that every book sold raises some funds for the Stroke Foundation.

The cost includes a signed book, postage & packaging:

Australia : $AUS25

UK & Europe: $AUS40 (20 British Pounds)

USA : $AUS40 (30 US Dollars)

Canada: $AUS40 (40 CAD Dollars)

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Words that heal after a stroke

The cogs are still turning even though I’m not blogging! Whilst I have been busy organising our son Patrick’s 14th birthday this week and entertaining his many friends, there have been lots of things going on in the background. My bookmarks are printed and ready to collect and I am sure that they will look lovely. I have secured an interview with Sunshine Coast libraries on 9 November so I can present my story in 2016 to those who are keen to listen. Graeme Bowden, proprietor of The BookShop, Caloundra has agreed to stock my book and arranged a book signing for Sunday 13 December. Me on Tamarind

Most of all, my thanks go out once again to Mary Barber, Freelance Journalist, Editor of the online Tamarind Magazine and my wonderful and efficient book launch event organiser. This week, Mary has published one of may articles about ‘A Stroke of Poetry’ which focuses on one aspect of my stroke and my poetry. It’s a great read.


About Stroke

A stroke happens when blood supply to the brain is interrupted. Blood is carried to the brain by blood vessels called arteries. Blood contains oxygen and important nutrients for your brain cells. Blood may be interrupted or stop moving through an artery, because the artery is blocked (ischaemic stroke) or bursts (haemorrhagic stroke). When brain cells do not get enough oxygen or nutrients, they die. The area of brain damage is called a cerebral infarct.
Preventing stroke
Prevent stroke – one of Australia’s biggest killers and leading cause of disability.

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