The best compliment a reader can give an author, if they have enjoyed a book, is to leave a review and I thank everyone who takes the time to write a review of my book.


Review – 10.10.15 (pre publication)

 I have just had the privilege of reading Shelagh Brennand’s book pre publication. Writing a book, as Bob and I know only too well is hard enough. Many start but never complete. But to have done this with such grit, determination and compassion to inspire and motivate other stroke survivors and their families, and to open her heart to us in such an awesome way, whilst making money for the charity is just… amazing. There is no better gift from one human being to another but to share experiences both good and bad. What stuck me whilst reading this pre publication is the little work the editor/proof readers have had to do. I, being the third to read it can find nothing, not a dot or a speech mark out of place. Shelagh, you truly have an exceptional talent and we feel humbled and very proud that you have honoured us in your acknowledgements – but it’s true to say you did it all by yourself lovely lady, and I am sat here having laughed and cried and feel a more informed person about stroke victims for reading A Stroke of Poetry. Bob and I wish you all the best with the publication and if there is anything we can do – well, you know where we are. I’ll certainly be promoting!

                                         R C BridgestockDI Dylan Series of Crime Novels

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Since the books arrived early November 2015, I have been packaging and posting to within Australia and also the UK. Amongst my readers have been friends, some affected by depression and many stroke survivors. Here are a few of their reviews to date.

“Thank you Shelagh for sending us a copy of your new book, A Stroke of Poetry. Shelagh turned to writing poetry after her stroke, as part of her recovery. Shelagh’s poems express the emotions she faces living her life after stroke; depression, bringing up kids, and tackling everyday life, expressed through the prism of stroke.Part of the proceeds of her book will be donated back to us, to help our community. We love you Shelagh and are blown away by your talent, positivity and humility”. – Diana

Diana Kerr

Diana Kerr, Online Community Coordinator, National Stroke Foundation

Oh My Goodness Shelagh! I have just received your book in the mail and sat down with my mid morning cup of chai to have a flick through. “Whoa! Slow down Sharon, and take the time to actually read what you are flicking through, this stuff is fantastic!” I’ve gone back to the beginning and am now over halfway through reading your poems. My Goodness! What a journey! I’ve not quite finished your book but I just had to message and congratulate you on such an amazing job. You’ve shared your journey in such a way that it takes the reader on a light, yet powerful roller coaster of emotions. Just when I start to have tears welling up, your light hearted touch of humour and strength wipes them away. Very touching, Very thought provoking, Very Amazing! What an absolute HONOUR to have my art work featured alongside your story!” Love & Wishes, Sharon.

Sharon Morgan, Manifesting Mandalas

“Hey… I’ve just read Shelagh’s book and you’re all in for an absolute treat. Many of her poems I’d read before, but some were new to me and it was fantastic to read them as a collection to see Shelagh’s recovery. I can’t wait to compare favourites in a couple of weeks when others have read it. And by the way Shelagh. Your star jump on the cover totally rocks.”

Karen Bayly, Stroke Survivor

“I know you so well and it is sad that you were in such a dark place – but actually, I think we’ve all been in that dark, lonely place before, and it was tears of empathy and pride at how far you’ve come. It’s brilliant – well done.”

Vanessa Rolfe, Friend

“OMG you are such a clever girl! I loved it!!! As soon as I received it, I read it, I couldn’t put it down. I loved it, so much rings so true and I’m sure resonates with other stroke survivors AND I also thought, this is so different from anything else out there re stroke, so good for you…loved it, loved it!!! So very proud of you! As everyone says, what an inspiration you are to EVERYONE!! So, so very proud….did I say that already?

Ida Dempsey, Stroke Survivor

“Just finished reading my beautiful friend’s new book and it was amazing….a real pick me up and very motivational. “Loving the oranges poem as it sounds like an episode at our house! You’ve done good Shelagh.”

Tracey Clarkson, Friend.

“I have recently completed reading ‘A Stroke of Poetry’ and what an achievement. Well done Shelagh! As a stroke survivor it was easy to relate to the sentiment of the various poems and find the path followed from early post stroke to achievement an inspiration. I have no hesitation in recommending Shelagh’s book to stroke survivors, carers and those working in the health related professions who work with stroke survivors. Thank you Shelagh.”

Karen Kelsey, Stroke Survivor

“My ‘online’ friend Shelagh Brennand has compiled some of the poems she wrote whilst recovering from a stroke that hit her at a young age, into a fantastic book called A Stroke of Poetry: Poems of Healing and Hope After Stroke. The book not only contains the poems that journal the feelings and obstacles she faced, there are also some beautiful artworks to colour and get some creativity back. Also some blank pages headed ‘My thoughts, poems and artwork’. I highly recommend this book for anyone recovering from any life event that has hit them, not just stroke. I could certainly relate as I’ve been there, done that. I actually finished my copy on a plane trip to sunny Queensland. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed”.

Shauna Upson, Stroke Survivor

Mary Barber, Tamarind Magazine Book Club Convenor, has written this amazing review.