Write a book

Have you got a burning desire to write your own book?

Would you love to self publish the book your heart has always dreamed of writing? Then look no further….

During my stroke recovery, I wrote so many poems to help me deal with the frustrating times, the darkest moments and many amusing experiences. I always hoped that one day I could put them together in a lovely book and others who had a similar experience could read them with the knowledge that they could get better. My book sales of A Stroke of Poetry are doing really well and to read many reviews of those it has helped makes my heart sing.

I could not have ventured on this book journey without the expertise of the lovely Alex Mitchell, Author Support Services. She understood where I wanted to go with this book and together, we have achieved so much more. It was not until the second book workshop that I truly believed I had the confidence and the ability to undertake this project.

If you have a dream, just like mine, thenĀ  Alex really can make it happen for you. She is running two book workshops (see links below) which are held in her beautiful home on a pineapple farm, so such serene surroundings (and she makes yummy food!). Don’t delay…book today! Please do not just take my word for it as her website has many testimonials from other successful authors she has helped.


Book Planning 26th Feb:

Self Publishing 11th March




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