Meet the Author

I am grateful to the journalists I have had the great fortune to meet over recent months which has culminated in this fabulous article published in the Sunshine Coast Sunday magazine yesterday (15.5.16). Sunday newspaper article 15.5.15This story once again highlights, and reminds me, of the struggles I faced post stroke, and by overcoming them through poetry and exercise, I can now help and motivate others to do something positive with their lives. I love sharing my story, my poetry and meeting others who are happy to listen. Please come and meet me at any of the venues listed below and have an opportunity to purchase my book.

‘Meet the Author’ – Sunshine Coast Library Talks – A Stroke of Poetry

This is a free event and will entail an in depth presentation about my life, my stroke and my extremely heartfelt, emotional recovery back to better health. Books will be available for purchase on the day.

Tuesday 24 May – 10-11:30am – Maroochydore Library – Events Room – Space 45
Thursday 26 May – 5-6:30pm – Nambour Library – Upstairs room – Space 45
Saturday 28 May – 10-11:30am – Caloundra Library – Events area – Space 45
Monday 6 June – 12:30-2pm – Kawana Libary – Meeting room – Space 25

Everyone welcome but please book through Sunshine Coast Library website to avoid disappointment.

Sharing my story

 Hello everyone! I am back from our big UK trip, having celebrated the 80th birthday of my mum and also my mum in law so it was lovely to spend time with close family and some extended family members. Unfortunately, we have returned with chest infections debilitating both my husband David and son Patrick. Gladly I am feeling well and within a week I was back to personal training and also joined a weekly runfit class, to prepare me for the Caloundra Foreshore 10K this coming June. I love the fact the weather is a tad less humid and I am enjoying being outdoors in the sunshine once again. Here is a recent photo of me and my friend Melinda Dines as we took part in the annual Pretty in Pink Bra Walkathon which raised over $20,000 for a local woman who has recently lost her life to breast cancer. Hop onto the PIP Facebook page if you want to find out more.

Me and Melinda D at PIPAlso returning from holiday means that I need to get back into marketing A Stroke of Poetry.

Last week I presented my story to participants of the MAB Personal Training & Adventures ten week challenge and delivered my story of positivity following my stroke and how I overcame many challenges through poetry and exercise. The feedback was great and I was honoured to speak with others who have also inspired me.

On 15 April, this was my three year ‘anniversary’ since my stroke and I am extremely happy with where I am and what I am doing in my life. This is always a cause for celebration and why shouldn’t it be? I am fit, healthy and have written a book which is now helping others to overcome similar obstacles and challenges in their lives.

I am very much looking forward to my forthcoming library talks, where I share my story and some poetry. These are being organised by Sunshine Coast Libraries and here are the Sunshine Coast Library locations and dates which are also detailed on the Events page of my website.

‘Meet the Author’ – Sunshine Coast Library Talks – A Stroke of Poetry

This is a free event and will entail an in depth presentation about my life, my stroke and my extremely heartfelt, emotional recovery back to better health. Books will be available for purchase on the day.

Tuesday 24 May – 10-11:30am – Maroochydore Library – Events Room – Space 45
Thursday 26 May – 5-6:30pm – Nambour Library – Upstairs room – Space 45
Saturday 28 May – 10-11:30am – Caloundra Library – Events area – Space 45
Monday 6 June – 12:30-2pm – Kawana Libary – Meeting room – Space 25

Everyone welcome but please book through Sunshine Coast Library website to avoid disappointment.

That’s it for now but if you need any further information about the book or forthcoming events, please get in touch.


M:0432 552375




Stroke survivor to Vintage Calendar Girl!

Who would have ever thought that I would have suffered a stroke? Who would have ever thought that I would have written poetry and self published my book A Stroke of Poetry? I have always believed that things happen for a reason, life is very much what you make it and we have to seize opportunities as they arise. Without my stroke I would not have had a poetic brain. Had I not posted my poems on the wonderful FAST parenting after a stroke then I would not have gained feedback and support into having them published. Had I not met the lovely and talented Alex Mitchell, Author Support Services and attended her ‘Self to Shelf’ Book Workshops in August 2015 I would never have met my lovely friends Allison McMaster and Misty Young Bland. Misty is the founder and organiser of the The Vintage Calendar Girls. After a very successful 2016 Vintage Girls Calendar, raising much needed funds for Rare Cancers Australia, Alli and I were asked to model on the front cover of the 2017 Calendar. So, without my stroke I would not be a front page model with Alli and the AFL legend Barry Hall!

Me and AlliThere is a great article in the Sunshine Coast Daily written by journalist, Roxanne McCarty O’Kane after our first photo shoot at Old Petrie Town and a short video from Channel 7. It would be lovely if you could follow our success this year by visiting The Vintage Calendar Girls on Facebook and ‘liking’ the page.

My blog will be quiet over Easter as I am taking a trip to the UK to celebrate both our mums reaching the grand age of 80. I am sure there will be many celebrations and I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter.

Much love



Thank you to Pacific Lutheran College


A huge, heartfelt thank you goes out to Pacific Lutheran College for including me as a Guest Speaker at their International Women’s Day Breakfast this morning. I had a thoroughly lovely time, mixing with lots of like minded women (and gents) who appreciated my presentation and my positive story after stroke. It once again reinforces the amount of empowering, inspiring women I have in my life who have supported me since my stroke and continue to support me in my venture.

Pic collage PLC day


Thank you to the school for helping me spreading the message, helping me sell a few books along the way and presenting me with the lovely flowers.









Kookaburra Village residents learn about Stroke

I may have been quiet on my blog over recent weeks, but I have been busy arranging presentations and forthcoming events. Today, I talked to some of the residents from Kookaburra Village, Caloundra, having been invited to talk about my stroke recovery by Mike Kerlew, resident of Kookaburra Village. (Mike and I met at my book launch last November). The morning went amazingly well, with 26 of the residents turning out to hear my story about my recovery and the publication of my book. I was also pleased to offer some insight into Stroke, some statistics and the work of the National Stroke Foundation and surprisingly, so few residents were aware of the ‘FAST’ message. They enjoyed my poetry and took away some Stroke Foundation leaflets for future reference..and I sold a few books.

Kookaburra Village residents

Thank you to Mary, the Secretary, for sending the invitation to all the residents; Joy Carroll, President of the Kookaburra Village Committee Social Club;  Keith Walton, Chairman of the Homeowners Committee and most of all Mike, my number one supporter who made it all happen.


(Photo showing Joy, Keith, Mary and Mike and some of the other residents)


Please keep checking the Events page of my website for events and things happening near you.


Events board

Try before you buy!

I am very pleased to announce that Sunshine Coast Libraries are now stocking my book A Stroke of Poetry and there are three copies available through the Sunshine Coast Library website or visit Caloundra or Maroochydore libraries to have a sneak peek to read what all the fuss is about! Order your copy today!

Sunshine Coast libraries have also booked me for some library talks in May and June at four of the Sunshine Coast libraries and don’t forget that I will be at The BookShop at Caloundra on Valentines Day, Sunday 14 February 9:30am – 12:30pm where I will be selling and signing books.

Book launch signingHead on over to the Events page of my website for the full timetable of current events.

If you would like to purchase a copy, these can still be bought directly from me, from The BookShop at Caloundra and also available online. Every book sold raises much needed funds for the National Stroke Foundation.


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It is quote

An inspirational story

Please meet Anne and Barry Rowbury.


Here’s her story….

I first met Anne early last November as Gillian, my hairdresser who has her own salon (Hair Garage) at Little Mountain told me Anne was one of her weekly clients.  Anne had suffered a severe stroke and after hearing about my book, she was keen to meet me and purchase a copy. Gillian coordinated our appointments one day so I could be at the salon to meet Anne. She is truly an amazing and inspiration lady and although she has limited mobility and limited vocabulary, dealing daily with Aphasia, Anne smiled and tried to converse the best she could throughout our time together. Anne’s philosophy was..and I quote her own words.

“It is what it is”. 

Anne and Barry were unable to make the Book Launch or my previous book signing due to other commitments, so yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting them in their own home. Barry tells me that the medical team at Nambour Hospital believed Anne would not last more than 24 hours but she baffled them all and continues to recover her health. Anne spent 6 months in rehabilitation, learning to walk and talk again, things not predicted by any of her medical team due to Anne only having 50% brain function.  A nursing home was arranged for Anne post rehab as she needed 24/7 care but Barry, her lovely husband, insisted that he would care for her at home. That was almost four and a half years ago and Anne has continued improve and celebrates her 72nd birthday next week. I truly believe that Anne’s attitude to life is so inspiring and Barry is clearly very proud of his wife.

Bookshop front

Valentines Day Book Signing


Heart with text

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful celebration over the holiday season and those with children are getting back to some household routine once again. We are already seeing Easter eggs in the supermarkets and Easter is a full two months away! The next event of note is Valentines Day and I am very pleased to announce that I will once again be undertaking a book signing at the The BookShop at Caloundra on Bulcock Street on this very special day:


Bring your loved ones into town for a wander through the Caloundra Street market as there will be lots of festivities and please come and see me at The Bookshop to say hello and hopefully make a special purchase of my book. I hope to see you then.


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Write a book

Have you got a burning desire to write your own book?

Would you love to self publish the book your heart has always dreamed of writing? Then look no further….

During my stroke recovery, I wrote so many poems to help me deal with the frustrating times, the darkest moments and many amusing experiences. I always hoped that one day I could put them together in a lovely book and others who had a similar experience could read them with the knowledge that they could get better. My book sales of A Stroke of Poetry are doing really well and to read many reviews of those it has helped makes my heart sing.

I could not have ventured on this book journey without the expertise of the lovely Alex Mitchell, Author Support Services. She understood where I wanted to go with this book and together, we have achieved so much more. It was not until the second book workshop that I truly believed I had the confidence and the ability to undertake this project.

If you have a dream, just like mine, then  Alex really can make it happen for you. She is running two book workshops (see links below) which are held in her beautiful home on a pineapple farm, so such serene surroundings (and she makes yummy food!). Don’t delay…book today! Please do not just take my word for it as her website has many testimonials from other successful authors she has helped.


Book Planning 26th Feb:

Self Publishing 11th March




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‘A Stroke of Poetry’ to help with Aphasia research

A few weeks prior to the book launch, I was contacted by Michelle Attard (Speech Pathology PhD student), from La Trobe University, who requested a copy of my book. Upon receiving the book, she was more than complimentary in her feedback and since then, we have communicated with regard to how my book can assist her in the work that she undertakes. I am very pleased to say that during 2016, Michelle will feature some of my poems in a research project with people living with Aphasia. Aphasia lab

Michelle said: ” I’m hoping this will inspire them and help them understand they can tell their stories in a range of different ways.”

A Stroke of Poetry was written with the sole purpose that it could help not only stroke survivors, but anyone who has suffered a traumatic illness or depression and needs to find hope and positivity to move forward with their life. Michelle’s use of my book in her research fills my heart with joy and this is the reason I wanted to share this news with you all.

For information about the research go to or contact Michelle Attard (Speech Pathology PhD student) at