Front_CoverHave you, or someone you love, been impacted by stroke?

Do you need to understand the ups and downs of a stroke survivor?

Is support and encouragement what you need?

If you have answered a resounding “YES!” to all of the above, then you have come to the right place.

This motivational, inspirational book, is a collection of 30 poems, written by a stroke survivor during her recovery. This collection chronicles the frustrations, the sadness and the amusing times that are part of the climb back from stroke. They may make you smile, they may make you sad but hopefully they will make you believe that anything is possible if you keep a positive mindset. Recovery from stroke can involve emotional, physical and creative healing. For the author, Shelagh Brennand, poetry was an outlet that allowed her to record her journey back from the edge. Make your own way through these pages to find ideas, inspiration and the understanding that you are not alone.

• Amusing poems about forgetfulness and frustration
• Poignant stories of the battle with depression and fatigue
• Creative colouring pages to soothe the soul
• Inspirational quotes to keep you moving

In the ‘Foreword’, written by Stroke Physician and 2015 Stroke Champion, Dr. Rohan Grimley, he writes:

Rohan Grimley“Stroke is a devastating event for those who survive it, and the effects extend far beyond the immediately visible paralysis and communication problems….We do know that physical, social, and mental activity is extremely important in the recovery phase, and Shelagh’s journey is an excellent example of this. She has embraced the experience of her stroke in a positive way and used the creative outlet of poetry and the compilation of this book as part of her recovery. I commend this book, especially for anyone who is struggling with unseen effects following a health challenge.”

Find out more about Shelagh’s journey by listening to the live interview with Matt Collins, where she describes being a former UK Detective Inspector, a Private Investigator in Australia and how she eventually found positivity and gratefulness following her stroke and subsequent depression and is now a recognised Stroke Safe Ambassador on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

This book is NOT to be missed..order a hard copy or ebook today and $2 from every book sold is donated to the Stroke Foundation.

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