Shelagh Brennand | Stoke Advocate and AuthorA Stroke of Inspiration
with Shelagh Brennand

Stroke Survivor and Advocate, Stroke Safe Ambassador
and Author of A Stroke of Poetry

Shelagh Brennand was a busy wife and mother working as an independent Private Investigator after 25 years as a Police Officer, when she was struck down by a stroke at just 49 years of age (April 15, 2013). From this moment her whole life changed.

After her initial recovery from loss of speech, and lack of sensation through her right side, she discovered her thoughts could not be processed unless each sentence rhymed. She also navigated the slippery slope of depression that can follow a major traumatic event.

Shelagh found healing through poetry and a new love of running and shares her journey of overcoming depression and finding deeper meaning, with others. She continues to inspire and live a life filled with adventure and appreciation for all that it brings.

Through her stories, your audience will laugh, cry, be inspired and discover a new appreciation for what’s possible, regardless of circumstance.

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“As stroke is one of Australia’s biggest killers, we need more people like Shelagh to speak up.”

The Stroke Foundation

“Shelagh’s vibrant personality provided an instant lift to the stroke forum, consisting of approximately 80 multidisciplinary health professionals, as she shared with us her story before and after stroke.” 

Ian Meade, Occupational Therapist, Acute Stroke Unit, Townsville Hospital


Shelagh can speak on a range of topics to suit your audience or create one, created specifically for your event audience.

Time Duration: From 20 minutes to 1-hour keynote

  • An Insider’s View of Stroke – The Good, The Bad and the Funny!
  • The Truth About Women and Stroke
  • Finding Your Way on the Road to Recovery – Life After Stroke
  • 5 Steps to Living a Positive Lifestyle
  • Running After Stroke – Getting Back Into The Race of Life


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