Kookaburra Village residents learn about Stroke

I may have been quiet on my blog over recent weeks, but I have been busy arranging presentations and forthcoming events. Today, I talked to some of the residents from Kookaburra Village, Caloundra, having been invited to talk about my stroke recovery by Mike Kerlew, resident of Kookaburra Village. (Mike and I met at my book launch last November). The morning went amazingly well, with 26 of the residents turning out to hear my story about my recovery and the publication of my book. I was also pleased to offer some insight into Stroke, some statistics and the work of the National Stroke Foundation and surprisingly, so few residents were aware of the ‘FAST’ message. They enjoyed my poetry and took away some Stroke Foundation leaflets for future reference..and I sold a few books.

Kookaburra Village residents

Thank you to Mary, the Secretary, for sending the invitation to all the residents; Joy Carroll, President of the Kookaburra Village Committee Social Club;  Keith Walton, Chairman of the Homeowners Committee and most of all Mike, my number one supporter who made it all happen.


(Photo showing Joy, Keith, Mary and Mike and some of the other residents)


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