Post stroke fatigue – it’s still what it is!


It just hits me like a freight train! Little warning and BAM! I bet many of my stroke followers feel the same.

I wrote a blog a few months ago about Post Stroke Fatigue but have rehashed it due to the fatigue I have felt this week. Nothing much has changed this year with my fatigue, but I am still glad to say that as time goes on, although the stroke fatigue comes ‘a calling’….I do seem to recover better than I did at first. Always keep positive and hope that this little video puts your stroke fatigue into perspective and helps others understand that there is little you can do about it other than deal with it when its there.

Please let me know how you cope (or not) as may be the case.

Take care.



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Septembers Stroke Successes

As September draws to a close, I can say that it has been a very busy month for stroke awareness and for events involving A Stroke of Poetry. On 2 September, I attended an awards ceremony in Brisbane where I received my certificate due to being nominated as a finalist in the creative category of the Stroke Foundation Stroke awards 2016.

AwardI felt very humbled to be chosen alongside some remarkable stroke survivors and supporters of stroke and it was a lovely day. Highlighting survivors of stroke at a very young age is hugely important and I met two amazing people on that day who were more than worthy of their awards (HUGE shout out to Sarah-Jane and Macey-Lee).Awards ceremony

Stroke Week  (12-16 September) was eventful and book signings at Books of Buderim and Rosetta Books, Maleny, brought some lovely people to these bookstores, where I could share my stroke story, sell my books and raise awareness about stroke.


Here are some photos of my book signings and why I continue in raising awareness to fight stroke…….


Banner RosettasBooks of Buderim

My beautiful friend Yenny Stromgren held an exhibition of her Everyday Light Warriors interviewees at the Junction, Noosa, during the month of September. This was a huge success, as she held it on the same day as ‘R U OK?’ day and she posted two of my poems I wrote during my post stroke depression.Me at Noosa

I was very proud to have them on the wall in amongst the photographs of those inspiring people she had the pleasure to interview. Please listen to my podcast and many others on her website. Although I was ill during the evening of her opening night, I was able to see the exhibition before it was all packed away for the next venue and we managed to get some lovely photos and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with this amazing woman.

YennySo..what’s happening in October? Marketing A Stroke of Poetry will continue with great gusto as usual and although I will be supporting Breast Cancer during ‘Pinktober’ through having fun at a few events, I have been able to share some book packs as raffle prizes, so I still leave my mark!

During Queensland Mental Health Week (9-15 October), I will be presenting at Caboolture Hospital and sharing my story, specifically in relation to coping with depression and how I found inspiration through poetry and exercise.

On the exercise theme, October 29 is World Stroke Day and Melinda Bingley, my good friend who owns and operates MAB Personal Training and Adventures is organising a special boot camp where some of the proceeds will be donated to the Stroke Foundation. Check out my Events page for more details on both these events.

On a personal note, A Stroke of Poetry have sponsored a page of the Vintage Girls 2016 Calendar and I  am helping my super friend and founder, Misty Bland, organise the Vintage Calendar Girls Launch on 22 October, in aid of Rare Cancers Australia. I will be dressed in my finery once again and showing how, at 53, I can still be a front page model of a calendar! If you fancy joining us for an evening of entertainment at Old Petrie Town, hop on line to buy a ticket or calendar.

Also, and finally, I hear you gasp, with my good friend Mary Barber, Tamarind Book Club, we are hosting a Pop up Book Shop on 6 November, so I am busy helping Mary with the organisation of that event. More information on that event next month.

I believe that brings me to a close for this month!

Have a wonderful October and as always, please stay healthy and happy.


Much love







Write a book

Have you got a burning desire to write your own book?

Would you love to self publish the book your heart has always dreamed of writing? Then look no further….

During my stroke recovery, I wrote so many poems to help me deal with the frustrating times, the darkest moments and many amusing experiences. I always hoped that one day I could put them together in a lovely book and others who had a similar experience could read them with the knowledge that they could get better. My book sales of A Stroke of Poetry are doing really well and to read many reviews of those it has helped makes my heart sing.

I could not have ventured on this book journey without the expertise of the lovely Alex Mitchell, Author Support Services. She understood where I wanted to go with this book and together, we have achieved so much more. It was not until the second book workshop that I truly believed I had the confidence and the ability to undertake this project.

If you have a dream, just like mine, then  Alex really can make it happen for you. She is running two book workshops (see links below) which are held in her beautiful home on a pineapple farm, so such serene surroundings (and she makes yummy food!). Don’t delay…book today! Please do not just take my word for it as her website has many testimonials from other successful authors she has helped.


Book Planning 26th Feb:

Self Publishing 11th March




New Year quote

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.

It has been a few weeks since my last Blog but since the Book Launch at the end of November and a further book signing, my book is getting noticed. I have got through Christmas and I have now rested in order to recharge my low batteries, as the last few months of the year were very exhausting. Worthwhile, but exhausting. My post stroke fatigue hits me hard at these times of the year but onwards and upwards to a new year ahead.

The book sales are doing well and it seems many are ordering on line or buying my book from Graeme at The BookShop at Caloundra. Whichever way you decide to purchase, please let me know what you think and send me a review, as I would love to hear your comments.

With the New Year brings lots of new marketing ideas, plans for an audio/ebook, talks to local community/library groups and hopefully some further media attention with which to promote my book. Please keep in touch and make time to read my blogs throughout the year, if you would like to know of an event happening near you or simply to catch up on my news.

NY Day

Lastly, I would like to thank my many supporters out there, including my friends, family, those who helped me get to this point in my life and those who have so kindly purchased my book for themselves or a loved one. I most certainly could not have done this without you. I always see a new year as a new opportunity with lots of exciting and challenging times ahead. What will this New Year bring? I wonder…….